Kiểm tra 15' (unit 1- Anh 8)





I. Find the word with different sound in the underline part in each line:

1.    A. adore                              
       B. addicted                 
       C. craft                                    
       D. comma

2.    A. tricks                              
       B. stickers                   
       C. buttons                               
       D. beads

3.     A. volunteered                    
        B. looked                    
        C. joined                                 
        D. played

4.     A. window                          
        B. net lingo                  
        C. socialise                            
        D. join

5.     A. relax                               
        B. detest                      
        C. best                                    
        D. define

II. Choose A, B, c or D that best completes each sentence:

6. My mother loves________food for my family

            A. preparing                   
            B. to prepare               
            C. prepare                       
            D. A&B are correct

7. My grandmother________to plant flowers in the garden behind her house

            A. prefers                        

            B. enjoys                     
            C. detests                        
            D. adores

8. Coco fancies________TV. He watches TV whenever he can.

            A. to watch                    
            B. watched                  
            C. watch                      
            D. watching

9. My sister hates________with the dolls. It’s weird.

            A. playing                      
            B. to play                     
            C. to playing                
            D. A&B are correct

10. Bobby likes________hard because he wants to get the best result.

            A. to study                    

            B. studying                 

            C. study                      

            D. A&B are correct

11. I enjoy________with my dog. He’s so cute.       

A. play               

B. to play                     

C. playing                    

D. played

12. My father can't bear________the housework.     

A. do                             

B. doing                      

C. to do                       

D. will do

13. Tom prefers________computer games when he’s at home.

A. playing                      

B. to play                     

C. played                     

D. A&B are correct

14. Mary________reading Conan comics.

A. hates             

B. detests                    

C. dislikes                   

D. enjoys

15. Henry doesn't mind________up early in the morning.   

A. waking                      

B. to wake                   

C. wake                       

D. will wake

III. Choose the correct answer to complete each of the sentences:

16. Mr. Bean _____ reading books a lot because he finds this hobby interesting.

A. enjoy                      

B. don't enjoy              

C. doesn't enjoys         

D. enjoys

17. Miss Maureen is so big. She must _____ eating.

A. detest                     

B. detests                    

C. adores                     

D. adore

18. They're good _____ cleaning the floor.

A. on                           

B. at                            

C. in                            

D. into

19. _____ my opinion, the husband will be back in the end.

A. In                            

B. On                          

C. At                           

D. With

20. I _____  going around the world interesting because I can discover more about people and things.

A. think                       

B. say                          

C. find                         

D. tell

21. Ann is hooked _____ going shopping.

A. with                        

B. at                            

C. in                            

D. on

22. My wife's always hanging _____ at her friend's home.

A. on                           

B. out                          

C. in                           

 D. to

23. Sammy is addicted to _____ out. I never see him at home.

A. go                           

B. going                      

C. goes                        

D. went

24. Elena is interested _____ making origami.

A. to                            

B. on                           

C. in                            

D. into

25. Nick's keen _____ mountains in the summer.

        A. on                                  

        B. at                            

        C. with                        

        D. in

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